modern headcanons

Alright, this is the page for my headcanons for an Alois who exists in roughly our times. Much of his Canon headcanon still applies, these are just a few points to mention. These aren’t concrete, and really depend on what sort of RP he’s involved in. These are pretty much just a general set of qualities he has. 

1. Much like his Victorian counterpart, Modern!Alois has no real people skills. He’s lewd mouthed, rude, crass, and for lack of a better word… a bitch. He’s not afraid to touch people, or to shove, tease and mock. He’s a smooth talker when he needs to be, with a strong sense of street smarts and silver tongue to talk people into believing/agreeing to things he says.

2. He’s not very good at making friends. The human race as a whole is a gaggling bunch of idiots. This is a bit counter-intuitive, as he’s someone who craves attention and in some forms even friendship, but he’d rather have shallow attention because it’s easier to come by and if it passes he can just find someone else.

3. Any attention is better than no attention. This is particularly true in school environments. Sometimes he’s prone to spreading his own rumors about himself, and telling lies just so that people are always talking about him. He’s not afraid to cause a scene, including fighting and outright insulting someone.

4. On fashion. His closet is a jumbled mess of every sort of style fashion you can think of. He has no real sense of ‘style’ and wears whatever he feels like on any given day. He was very poor as a child (for various reasons depending on the rp) and never had a chance to truly understand what it means to be ‘fashionable.’ He can go from wearing polos and hoodies and jeans to shorts, fishnets, boots and thigh highs in the span of a day. He doesn’t care of something is gaudy or strange; if it gets him attention, be it good or bad, then it’s a successful outfit. 

5. When it comes to movies, media, and music, Alois has what would possibly be considered very poor taste. He likes mainstream ‘garbage’ and flashy, noisy music and movies. Not particularly picky, he’ll listen to/watch most things. Though he’s rather prone to getting bored halfway through and changing the channel unless it’s something really exciting. He enjoys action and horror movies, and loud/crazy music (dubstep, for example). ‘Sophisticated’ music/movies he finds rather boring.

6. Much like canon!Alois, who is fond of heavy and filling foods, modern!Alois is fond of junk food. Fast food. Garbage that’s completely unhealthy for him is his favorite. 

7. Modern!Alois has no concept of money. He’s impulsive and buys whatever he wants when he wants it, but money and objects mean very little to him. He’s prone to breaking expensive phones and video games out of anger and in childish tantrum. 

8. Despite only being 14(depends on the rp), Alois likes to drive. Particularly, he likes to take the keys and get into the car and illegally drive. He’s quite a reckless driver and if pulled over he’d proooobably try to bribe his way out of it.

9. His bedroom is a constant mess. He doesn’t care to keep it clean, and it’s often an organized chaos. He also prefers very open rooms, with lighter colored walls, because he detests the idea of feeling trapped. White walls and large windows are appealing to him. 

10. Having been an impoverished child, he never had a chance to have many toys. He keeps some toys stashed away, and some action figures from various superhero movies / comics stashed away, as he’s a fan of them.

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